October 05, 2004

Strange dreams. Last night, I beat Ken Jennings at Jeopardy and he was so distraught, I wished I'd answered wrong. The previous night, I was at a private party at an overstylized estate, scarfing hors d'oeuvres, when, from the back of the couch poured insects, larger and larger, in torrents, until, like a morphing cartoon, large rats were pouring from behind the walls, up the stairs, and the rest of the dream was classic Hollywood horror; isolated pockets of people barricading themselves in rooms against the rats, all communication cut off, is anyone else left alive? is this tunnel or passageway safe, or a trap? are the rats in the main city or just here on the grounds?

Short essay: Is William Safire irrelevant? Yes, he is. He should stick to grammar and etymology.

It didn't take hard-hitting investigative journalism to know that the Prime Minister of Iraq was coached by the Bush team. His interview with Jim Lehrer on the News Hour was positively surreal. Every response was a Bush administrative talking point, couched in their favorite catchphrases, and he was such an eager proselytizer that, the few times that he forgot the full flowery phraseology, he went back and repeated the catechism in full, replacing, for example, "American forces" with "coalition troops," etc. He also said, like three times, "I am the Prime Minister of Iraq, I was just there, I know what's going on," as if that gave lie to the day's news, replete with bombings, beheadings, chaos, and mayhem. He sounded exactly like the old Iraqi Minister of Information, but apparently to dispute his fairy tale of Iraqi freedom, democracy, and pro-American sentiment is to, surprise, surprise, give aid and comfort to the terrorists.

Bush campaign crib sheet:

They're going to kill your unborn children.

They're going to turn your kids gay.

They're going to take your guns away.

They're going to take your hard-earned money away.

They're going to let the French dictate American security.

They're going to make you give up your SUV.

They're going to treat insects and trees better than children.

They're going to open our borders to terrorists.

They're going to throw a big welcome party for the terrorists.

When the terrorists attack, they're going to ask France if it's okay to be real mad.

What part of vote for Bush don't you understand?

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