February 13, 2003

Why Do I March?

I march because I love my country.

I march because I refuse to believe it's futile.

I march because this is a government by the people and for the people and of the people and we are the people. I refuse to believe representative government is dead.

I march because I refuse to be marginalized as someone "exercising my right to free speech" as if that's some precious acting-out I'm allowed while the real grown-ups get on with their war.

I march because America was founded as a haven from imperialism and expansionism and doctrinaire conformity, and we are on the brink of betraying what makes us great.

I march because this war will make hypocrites of us.

I march because I can feel terrible things coming; I can feel it like a sneeze, crisis upon crisis, war without end.

I march because we financed Iraq's weapons program in the first place.

I march because they're playing with my life.

I march because the United States budget and the United States Armed Forces are not Bush's private war chest.

I march because George Bush is president the same way that O.J. Simpson is innocent.

I march because the same small group of rich white men, in various configurations, has annexed the resources, power, and very lives of the world's people over my entire lifetime.

I march because I live in a time where a few furtive blowjobs are more criminal than financing genocide with arms deals to tyrants.

I march because I don't believe that Saddam Hussein will give weapons to Al Qaeda unless we force him to.

I march because I'm tired of being lied to.

I march because I believe we are living that parable, the one where the fisherman is granted everything he desires from the sea, and yet he conjures fearful things, and, in his fear, brings about the very destruction he had imagined.

I march because I am one of the over ten percent of the population who is unemployed, underemployed, unemployed so long I no longer count, or self-employed with no clients.

I march because I learned today that Enron paid no taxes in the latter half of the 90s; that this corporation run by this administration's cronies and held up as free-market capitalism's golden child destroyed lives, smashed the stock market, betrayed its employees and investors, took this country's resources without giving back, and lied, cheated, and stole so that a few white men could become billionaires.

I march because the California energy crisis was manufactured.

I march because I want to see who Joe Millionaire chooses and not terror alerts and warmongering.

I march because I love that the show Joe Millionaire could only come out of the sort of peace, abundance, cultural irony, insta-celebrity hopefulness, and leisure time that we all have structured our lives within, take for granted, and within which everything we do has context and meaning.

I march because it's very hard to work, to write, to make good art, to breathe in fear.

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